Терпение и труд — здоровье перетрут


Remember that in the USSR there was criminal article for parasitism? Parasites automatically become all who have not worked more than four months of the year. Or those whose activities did not fit into the generally accepted concept of "work" with a specific schedule and salary from the state. This category included Housewives, farmers, living at the expense of its economy, the people of creative professions, do not have membership in professional organizations.

My grandparents, aunts and uncles, mom and dad were good citizens of the USSR, so my childhood was spent under the motto: "slacker and slacker – the worst enemy of society!". Labor is the main value. Than work harderso it is more honorable and more valuable. Working, you need to be tired. If you are not tired, so exhausted, you need something else to do.

the result of the work is not as important as the actions themselves. But the actions themselves need to be made perfectly.

For example, a sketch from my rural childhood. If digging the ground under the bed, then dig to the fault was not what. The seeds in the holes — on the line and nothing else. The beds must be well maintained and tidy from early spring to late autumn. If you got a socialist competition for the best garden, then I'm sure a red flag would be ours for a long time.

But the peoples of the surplus crop of zucchini can be safely attributed to the compost pile. It does not matter that spent a lot of effort into the damn garden. It is important that worked all summer, was not sitting idle.

One of the major sins, as I have said, was considered lazy. To be lazy is bad and wrong. To be lazy, to disgrace a family. To be lazy means to incur the wrath of the elders.

All of my "do not want", "tired", "not yet", "playing with my friends and forgot" was equivalent to a crime against the main values and selfishness.

I grew up hardworking a workaholic. She could do quickly and a lot of things in a short period of time. And was doing well. Did not know how to relax: tried to occupy myself with something socially useful. Of course, this skill was useful to me. Much, for which he undertook to bring the desired achievements.

But here's the thing: I don't remember I rejoiced in their success.

One day I got sick. Two months of bed rest. And the fourth year of recovery.

Life became divided into "before" and "after".

some things had to be abandoned. With sadness I remember your morning jog — they simply can not. Summer swimming in reservoirs in the Midland excluded so as not to SuperCool. Tent, backpack, Hiking boots abandoned on the mezzanine. Trips to the mountains, camping overnight in a tent – as far away from me now, as a neighbouring galaxy.

it took a special diet to restore the digestive tract after drugs. That's where I have useful knowledge in internal medicine, received the medical school. I do not remember when I could only drink a glass of good wine and eat cheese human (35%) fat. Once a month or even less frequently in the diet appears I have a weakness for cakes and pastries. Often look for confectionery showcases, envious dripping saliva.

Meetings with friends, long walks, parties is almost excluded. With whom, where and how choose very carefully. Priority is given to sleep and rest.

And yet my life goes the requirement to yourself to always be ready to work and defense. Learnt to hear even the weakest signals of the body about fatigue. Learned to give yourself as much rest as needed for recovery.

no Longer tolerate the physical and emotional discomfort. I really think before agreeing to something. From the environment, gradually left people with whom I've griped endlessly for something to strive for, to pretend to tolerate and silently "work on yourself".

Learned to enjoy his success. Even very small.

not only that! I had a seditious belief: I think the state of laziness is extremely useful. It signals an imbalance between work and rest. Heals with its correct use — from workaholism and perfectionism.

Alas, in my life there are very few cupcakes, and even less activity and movement, so typical of me to Oct 2014

But what this happiness – to be able to enjoy doing nothing and hear themselves, their "want/do not want."

I'm sure that as soon as the body will get the right amount of rest and care in my life back travel and physical activity, in doses appropriate to me.

it is Possible that the brownies)

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