Панические атаки

  Panic attack: unpredictable  panic, accompanied by strong bodily symptoms. First and foremost, it's an anxiety attack about what is happening in your body, it is possible to call fear of their own feelings. (fear of fear). Panic attacks occur unexpectedly, sometimes even when waking from sleep or at night. Basically this disorder occurs in adults after 20 years, but many children are experiencing panic symptoms ("terrible attacks").

Panic attacks, affected 2-3% of the population and they are 2 times more common in women than in men.

Physical symptoms:

🔹Rapid and loud heartbeat

🔹Lack of oxygen


🔹Chills or fever


🔹a Feeling of nausea, the urgent need to get to the toilet.


Psychological symptoms:

🔹Fear of death, fear of going crazy, fear of doing something awful.

🔷sustainable concern about the recurrence of PA

🔷anxiety about the value of its consequences

🔷changing behaviour associated with PA

  the Origins of the PA have evolutionary bases and is based on the fears that once had an adaptive function. Almost all of the situations which are originally PA can be compared with the dangers of the primitive world, fear of tunnels, of open spaces, height.  

   the Most unproductive struggle with panic attacks - avoidance. For example, the person ceases to take the subway, but the attack appear on the bus, the store, the Elevator, and then home.  Suffering from panic disorders are often generally more sensitive to anxiety. There are also assumptions about the genetic predisposition.

   a Panic attack is not life threatening or mental health of the person. Despite the frightening symptoms, the person is safe. 

  How triggers panic disorder? 

🔷You pay attention to his excitement: dizzy, hard to breathe, pounding heart, weakness, shakiness, cold hands, etc. The first time it may be due to physiological causes: PMS, a reaction to the stuffiness, fatigue. 

🔷it Seems that there is something terrible and incomprehensible. “Going crazy, losing control, strange look.»

🔷the Bout is over, but you already pay attention to any feelings and sensations. 

🔹Sooner or later it leads to a new attack and again the PANIC: “I die, I'm going crazy.»

🔷You start to anticipate anxiety: the fear that I'm going to worry or worry intensifies before certain events. 

🔷You use protective behavior: avoiding places where you are afraid, or actions that can lead to panic, ask for help from loved ones.

   During panic attack most people make the mistake - they focus on inner feelings and try to control them. It may seem that focusing on your breathing, the heartbeat, you will be able to catch the moment when things spiraled out of control. 

But in fact it leads to even more anxiety. You can get away from these feelings, if they focus attention on what is happening in the outside world. For example, when starting a panic attack redirect their attention to surrounding objects, and speak of colour, form, shape. 

  How to cope with fear how to defeat him? 

it is Important is to gradually stop using avoidance. This is the most difficult time for many patients, but without which it would never recover. The technique of avoiding fear does not work in combat, but only aggravates it. 

    Effective ways to combat panic

✅Work at the level of ideas: challenging their irrationality.

✅relaxation Techniques.

✅Exposure: facing your fear first in emotionally safe situations (e.g., in the office of a psychologist), and then in real life.

✅In difficult cases, medical support 

   Many do not know that their disorder is treatable. They are afraid or ashamed to tell anyone, including relatives, about what they are experiencing. Instead, they suffer in silence, distancing themselves from friends, family and other people who could help or support them.

   Studies show that the probability to significantly improve their condition within a few months using a carefully structured cognitive behavioral therapy is about 85%. Most patients have passed the CBT treatment of improvement to continue next year even without medical treatment. 

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