Уроки прошлого


Everything passes and this will pass...

Words which according to legend was carved on the ring of Solomon are often words of support for people in difficult experience, a difficult period of my life.
They are a reminder that everything in life is dynamic and is not static. Now...as I write this line is present, second is past. And I can past treated differently, the main thing that it has happened and I am not able to change it.
Life is passing and this can cause conflicting feelings, e.g., sadness and joy. Is not only sad, but also glad that it is. Replace the old with the new.
Every person builds his life on the basis of experience which has, and if something in his life doesn't add up, he's looking for your answers in other people's experiences. Previously, it was tradition to refer to the wise men, soothsayers so they pointed the way or told what to do, not to be mistaken. The longer a person lives the more life experience, he often relies on himself and has a better understanding in many situations of life. While he is young or small, many for the first time. Therefore, there is confusion and foolish deeds.

Family first.

As if the parents wanted to spare their children from mistakes, the child will test this reality. Own experience making decisions about my own experiences and lessons learned are much more valuable than many books and tips from other people, even very close. Because each person is unique and what not works for one, may become a very important and valuable for the other and Vice versa.
For the parent who is raising a child of course it is necessary to lay the Foundation of existence. But the older the child becomes, the more it is important for the independence and freedom of choice.
We initially learn in the family, many of the values and beliefs laid out here. Not all subsequently are educational, so as they grow, it is necessary to conduct some kind of "audit", "work above mistakes". It's a lot like cleaning the closet. Something you can leave, little or out of fashion, out of date now, and the fact that quite disfigures, not wishing to throw out.
of Course such work is best done with a psychologist, because the man himself is sometimes hard to determine what bothers him in his life. In addition, people often hold on to their inefficient patterns or beliefs with incredible stubbornness, because they are familiar and when it was necessary, perhaps the best.
psychology many different approaches and methods aimed at "erasing", modification, accommodations in the past, and it changes the essence of the present and future of a person. Like mysticism, but it works.

If you would know where to fall, straw podstelil would.

We do not know the future, there are no guarantees and obviously correct decisions. This otstutstvuyut for their own lives, their choices and consequences it is not easy to undertake. So many do not make any decisions and it is also a choice that is bearing fruit.
Performing some action, we believe the resources and knowledge we have at that time. Then we can decide what was done wrong in the past and it evokes strong emotions. People may start to blame themselves, to annoyed, to angry, to scold myself for hindsight. It's all poison. Against such aggression to his best to move towards the following thoughts: "At present time we make the best choice possible". If later remains the understanding that something was wrong, not so, it is important to realize, to perform, to live and accept. Then there will be not a mistake but a valuable learning experience that will give a hint in the future in similar situations.

in order not to regret about the past:

- Experience is valuable and unique, it just is, regardless of our experiences and evaluations. Negative and positive connotation we give it ourselves.

- If there is a fault from experience, it is necessary to isolate this feeling and to determine the degree of guilt, "for what?" front of anyone and apologize if possible.
- When strangling the offense, try to understand whom you wronged? It is important to Express, to talk, to precipitate its not corroded soul for many years afterwards. All the unlived does not disappear and unconsciously requires a "reaction", then what people are "stepping on the same rake".

- Want a different result in a given situation – do more. If you do the same, get a bad result, it's time to change something. "Planting tomatoes-grow tomatoes, you want to grow a melon-need other seeds"!

- Any sense of unlived and unfinished action seeks to terminate. End the relationship, unfinished business, started and unfinished ideas. To finish it does not always reach any result, this is sometimes and what to leave as it is. Completeness it is born from within, as the point of our certainty.

- People who are critical and negative attitude to yourself, to what they do, always less happy. Notice, in addition to his faults, his virtues, what happened, where you were doing your best, than you're in luck. Try to keep yourself and accepting to be a friend of myself. Then a high probability that at the end of days you will be able to sincerely say, "I don't regret anything!"

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