Seduced little girls


They can be well seen in the crowd or in the women's team. They are very, very cute. They know like they know how to please with them interesting, delicious, fun, their eyes burning.

They are very attractive. Because they raging energy of the internal conflict between: “dad, you are my!” and “dad, get off me!”. There is still ground to a delicious thing called trauma of rejection.

Dad once was hard with his wife, bored of feeling cold – underline, as they say. So here you have a father's wonder – Honey! It is not other people's eyes, her own relatives, often a father's eyes, lips, cheeks. She's so sweet. It is not like a wife looks at him, she admires him, runs to meet him, barely seeing. Even if it happens a little at home, she always squeals with delight, not that this beech-wife, again won the long face what she's missing?! Man, everything in the house and it's still not the same. Tolley case docena. Spent the night, never came home last night – dad's favorite came and all the holiday! Wife would met! But it is not enough that you love anyone (even mom doesn't every do that!), so he is a hero feels. He is the best, the strongest, he's ideal! And he tries again. Cool – a good husband to be more complicated than a good dad.

And here he puts all his attention on his little native girl. Often in such periods happen in the family crises, divorce, betrayal. Because jinka as it gets lonely. Zhinkov begins agressirovat with a vengeance, offended even more, bristles, her husband's attention back wants. Even more than it repels. In his eyes, she is getting worse and worse, not that daughter, really cute.

And daughter happy and glad. Dad her whole! Who first surprise? Doch! Mom then. Who is the greatest gift? Doch! Mom less will do. And then the daughter grows up, becomes a clever and attentive. And dad is so good to speak to her heart. Not that the wife (if she's still in her status survived). My wife and abyss more and more. And daughter – light in the window. And about the first boy she runs to tell dad, dad this host. Although there are tougher – boys, dad has to hide, dad is jealous!!! Can you imagine?

Dad persistently raising a GIRL. He does not have to become a girl and a woman, he can't let go of your joy and appeasement, he shrew-wife is not willing to stay one-on-one after years of betrayal. Imperceptibly, unconsciously father encourages childish features in her daughter, the negative response to her growing up (sometimes up to violence).

But the girl is very afraid of losing the love of the father. Often, the only. Because the configuration of the family is that the mother – her rival blood! She's my mom not my lovely daughter, it for mom mistress. Mom hard in this place, because it really hurts.

And the girl learns to choose such men to the father is not much hurt, not wounded and did not move. Although its internal impulse is still trying to break: “dad, let go! Let me go into the world of men!”. And it's a series of weird, dependent, kostrzewski, married, troubled, cold, hysterical men. Such with which for a long time impossible. From which to escape, or will have after some time…to the POPE. Or are they not really go, because already one family have.

And this girl is all life will suffer in competition,  expecting that someone will still make the right choice – I will choose her. Dad-she actually cheated! To sleep dad went to mom. And she was married to the mother, not on her, as if she was in childhood.

And this little girl, even in your 30-40 may have a girl who is waiting for daddy's blessing dad's final choice.

And this girl will go to therapy. First learn to understand a woman, build a relationship with her, to adopt her female experience and warmth, which was denied. And then she will learn to be in relationships with men. Honestly, freely, without seducing and not playing. She will learn to choose for HERSELF. She will make this CHOICE for HERSELF.  But until then…how much she will fear, pain and tears…nice girl…forces you and happiness!

I Recommend to view the film "Fathers and daughters".

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