How to find the answer to the question. Exercise.


In any person naturally have a resource to answer current life questions. You only need this resource to connect to the state you need to look at your situation and make a decision.

so, I propose the exercise of procedural psychology.

  1. Choose a time and a place for self-inquiry, it is desirable that You will not be distracted. Write on the paper a question which is bothering you lately. Better most specific and really important. Not to ask too abstract questions like, "what awaits me in the new year"... it's Better if it applies to the specific situation.
  2. Put a piece of paper with a question away, you soon won't need, unable not to think about him. Now, just sit comfortably, relax, take a break from their problems. Close your eyes. Think of the breath, watch him. It becomes deep and restful.
  3. After you enter in a quiet and dimmed condition, slightly open eyes. But not like in a normal wakefulness, and as if in a dream – languidly, dispersed. Without straining, look around the view and scroll to any item that attracts you most. It can also be the color, smell, sound, anything. If it is impossible to allocate something, go back to the previous item – again, relax, breathe. Treat it easily and naturally.
  4. once interested in the subject found, begin to investigate, but not his usual appraising mind and as if you are the subject. Stay in the same clouded relaxed state and stay them – move like him, ask yourself the questions – what is the world of the subject, how he feels, how he moves, sounds, smells? May it be animate for you. Do not attempt to analyze all this may look quite absurd, but let it be. Let yourself play a bit. Can dance, sing, walk in a strange way around the room to draw. What is the essence of the subject, of this creature? What is his energy? Maybe it's like some kind of animal, plant, fairy-tale hero? Deploy the process, use your imagination, creativity. Can he draw it.
  5. While still in the state of this object, take the reserved piece of paper with a question. How would you answer it? Or how would your answer made manifest by the subject character? Write your answer. If you fall out in your normal state, return to the previous item.
  6. What is the difference between your ordinary state and new? As the state of the selected object can be brought to life? You can return to this? Who can be against you in a new show in my life? Who can you support?
Elena Vasilyeva

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