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AXELOS - ITIL 4 Digital and IT Strategy Год издания: 2020
Автор: Axelos
Жанр или тематика: Бизнес, менеджмент, ИТ
Издательство: TSO
ISBN: 9780113316489
Серия: ITIL 4 Managing Professional
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF
Качество: Издательский макет или текст (eBook)
Интерактивное оглавление: Да
Количество страниц: 254

Ideal for digital leaders and aspiring IT leaders who wish to shape IT and business strategy and drive organizational change through:
a structured and flexible approach for addressing service management challenges
practical skills for competing with disruption, reshaping strategy, adapting processes, and repurposing entire business models to combat challenges of the digital world
Helps you pass your Digital and IT Strategy exam towards Strategic Leader status
Reference guidance for day-to-day problems for IT Professionals

About the ITIL 4 publications
About the ITIL story
1 Introduction
1.1 About this guide
1.2 ITIL practices
1.3 The digital and IT strategy context
2 Key concepts
2.1 Digital, information, operational, and communication technology
2.2 Digital organization
2.3 Digital business
2.4 Digitization
2.5 Digital transformation
2.6 Products and services
2.7 Tiers of strategy
2.8 Business models
2.9 Operating models
2.10 Strategy and the service value system
3 What is the vision?
3.1 Digital disruption
3.2 Deciding on a balanced strategic focus
3.3 Positioning tools for digital organizations
3.4 Creating the vision
4 Where are we now?
4.1 Environmental analysis
4.2 Opportunity analysis
4.3 Digital readiness assessment
5 Where do we want to be and how do we get there?
5.1 Strategy planning
5.2 Strategic approaches for digital organizations
5.3 Strategy discussion and approval
6 Take action!
6.1 How strategies are implemented
6.2 Coordinating strategy and strategic initiatives
6.3 Leading digital transformation
6.4 Strategy communication and implementation
7 Did we get there?
7.1 Key facts about measurement
7.2 Measuring a strategy
7.3 Instrumenting strategy
7.4 Strategy review
8 How do we keep the momentum going?
8.1 Long-term momentum: ensuring organizational viability
8.2 Short-term momentum: parallel operation
9 Digital leadership
9.1 Digital mindset
9.2 Communication
9.3 Relationship management
9.4 Education and learning
9.5 Evaluating emerging technology and industry trends
9.6 Agile management techniques
9.7 Defining and using strategic metrics
9.8 Orchestrating diverse environments
9.9 Operationalizing strategy
9.10 Business and technology management skills
10 Managing innovation and emerging technologies
10.1 Definition
10.2 Managing innovation is a strategic capability
10.3 Managing innovation is a mindset and culture
10.4 Innovation or adoption
10.5 Achieving a balanced approach to innovation
10.6 Formal approach to innovation management
10.7 Characteristics of organizations with an innovative culture
10.8 Building a culture that supports innovation
10.9 Approaches to innovation
10.10 Evaluating and adopting emerging technology
11 Managing strategic risk
11.1 Definitions
11.2 Risk management in digital organizations
11.3 Organizing risk management
11.4 Using risk management to evaluate opportunities
11.5 Risk identification
11.6 The risk register
11.7 Qualitative risk analysis
11.8 Quantitative risk analysis
11.9 Risk triggers
11.10 Risk posture: balancing the risks and rewards of digital technology
11.11 Risk treatment
11.12 Achieving a risk-informed mindset and culture
12 Structuring for digital business
12.1 Governance
12.2 Structuring the organization
12.3 Transitioning from traditional to new organizational structures
13 Conclusion
End note: The ITIL story
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