A single.


"spinster", "divorcee", "single mother"... Any of these definitions would hurt the woman. This to be impossible. It is a shame and not normal. While a single man always remains a "tasty morsel", even if it threw quite adequate reasons, such as alcoholism, infidelity or abuse.


Just society many years formed the woman's beliefs, according to which she was not supposed to be alone. She should certainly marry and have kids. She can not cope alone with all the burdens.

We still live with these stereotypes, while thousands of women every day succeed and earn much more than the average man. But many of them can't cope with feeling of inferiority, lonely lady, the subject of suspicious and causes contradictory feelings. Someone is jealous of her, someone she regrets, someone is afraid. But is it worth to take seriously is, frankly, a disrespectful attitude, built on the primitive view of women's role in society?

first, it is worth noting that even if you have no husband and children, it does not mean that you are alone. After all we all have parents, brothers or sisters, other relatives and friends. Not to feel lonely, it is not necessary to wash someone else's socks and clean the toys. Besides, there are many examples, when married women drink too much from loneliness. br>
However, such arguments are unlikely to act on a desperate solo. And the main reason is the lack of love for myself. A woman, left alone, exposed to the ground. As a rule, she always feels guilty due to the fact that "is not what should be." The only thing that can rectify this situation is self-esteem, awareness of their own uniqueness and acceptance of their shortcomings, and sometimes eccentric character traits.

Recommendations of Louise hay.

in order to find peace of mind and stop demanding the impossible from yourself, it is best to turn to the masters, practicing positive psychology. To them with confidence can be attributed to Louise hay, which could not only help many single women, but others learn to accept their identity, and for many years to maintain good health. br>
so, here is a list of recommendations of Louise hay, that should be used to stop suffer the frustration of his lonely life:

1. Stop trying to let go of criticisms. This applies both to you personally and other people. As a rule, the greatest annoyance we cause the actions of others that we are able to do. Think about it, when you once again want to let the remark to anyone. Try to rebuild and be happy with yourself, beating yourself up to anything good does not.

2. Get it over with meaningless fears. Women tend to scare themselves. They fear that they will be fired from work for being late that they are not good enough for a new post that their outfit is too revealing to experience the new boyfriend that the child frostbitten hands, forget gloves... the Reasons may be very different, but agree that to panic over what may not happen at all, ridiculous? Relax. If meant to be something bad, you will have time to mobilize at the right moment.

3. Pay more attention. It is not necessary to devote all their thoughts to the relations with the people around you, after all your the most important person – you. Look at yourself from the side, you will definitely find this amazing woman a lot of advantages. And in order for them to exercise, she needs care and respect. Indulge yourself to smile to herself in the mirror, recognize the fact that you really love.

4. Start to care about their health. Reassess your way of life. Eat correctly as possible, do some sport, get over bad habits. In order to be happy, you need energy, which is present only in a healthy body. In addition, a healthy lifestyle is very uplifting. br>
5. Develop your mental skills. Learn what you especially like. There is a lot of literature, various courses, etc. not only will This expand your horizons and raise self-esteem, but also be able to bring in additional income.

6. Take care of your future. Discipline yourself to set aside small amounts. Even if the accumulated funds will remain intact (which is unlikely), they will always ensure your back and to give confidence in their abilities.

the Main objective of these recommendations is to learn to love and respect yourself. Good idea to back them up with affirmations. For example, to avoid self-criticism, to repeat myself: "I'm pleased with myself and the outside world." And not to frighten yourself, you can say: "I am free from fear. This situation can't scare me." br>
Psychologists say that affirmations can bring great benefits with continued use. Not immediately, but you will notice how it changes your consciousness. Once you love yourself – you will attract other people, including men. And there really decide – to let them into your life or be alone. The main thing to remember is that both the first and in the second case, you will have the right to happiness.

Tarutino Elina

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